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An automatic guardrail of the sky.

The sky is filling up with more and more flying objects (airplanes, helicopters, gliders, parachutists, drones), and collisions between a drone and an aircraft is becoming inevitable, with an estimated 4 to 20 million drones registered by 2022 in the US only. Authorities’ answer is often to enforce no-fly zones for drones, especially around airports and cities – the most interesting areas for business. Finally, the current air traffic management system is composed of humans and cannot scale up efficiently with the future integration of tens of millions of drones, a number enormously higher than the global existing aircraft fleet.

Unique air traffic data

INVOLI is an automatic guardrail of the sky, enabling drones to automatically avoid aircraft when on a collision course, especially in the lower air space (below 150 meters). There, current radars are blind in most low-altitude areas: signals from airplanes are stopped by mountains or buildings, thus leaving both drones and aircraft unable to sense the danger other than visually.
We collect the currently missing air traffic data and send it to drones so they can be empowered to become fully autonomous. This data is acquired by a network of ground-based sensors spread to fully cover any given territory in a capillary and comprehensive manner.
Such information is shared on INVOLI online platform as to permit situational awareness, automatic collision avoidance and safe air traffic management. The creation of a system allowing autonomous drone flight has the potential to change the world, while guaranteeing a safe, smart and efficient use of the sky.

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