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Komed Health

Simplified and Secured Communication for clinical teams.

Komed Health’s vision is to save lives through simplified, secured and connected clinical communication. Compared to today’s medical breakthroughs, most hospital communication systems remain stuck in the «stone age» of communication technology. Outdated paging systems and multiple and redundant communication devices cause confusion, reduce efficiency in hospitals and may ultimately put patients at risk. Nearly 80 percent of serious medical errors involve miscommunication during patient transfers*.
Komed Health has developed a tailormade platform built by and for clinicians – making it easy to adopt within the clinical environment. Komed Health’s enterprise-class clinical communication platform is the stepping stone in digitalizing communication and care coordination in healthcare institutions. The simple, secure and scalable technology offered by Komed Health makes healthcare providers drastically more productive, increases their patient satisfaction substantially and allows them to make better informed decisions quicker. In addition to secure messaging and VoIP calling, the platform also includes a full suite of tools to improve clinical workflow such as pager replacement, and critical lab-/imaging- integration.

The Komed Health platform has been tested in four Swiss healthcare institutions. The value of the solution offered by Komed Health was firmly recognized, which facilitated adoption by the staff. Following several successful pilots, Insel, University Hospital of Bern, decided to start the roll out and named Komed Health «a quick win for digitalization». Currently more than 400 healthcare professionals are using Komed Health to communicate clinically.
*Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare

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