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Daphne Technology: exhaust gas cleaning systems

The global maritime transport has historically emitted large quantities of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur oxides (SOx) which both cause acid rain and are harmful to human health. Commercial ship owners and operators are now under increasing pressure to reduce these emissions.

Daphne’s exhaust gas cleaning technology helps commercial ship owners and operators to comply with the new international SOx and NOx marine air emission regulations entering into force in 2020 in the most economical and environmentally friendly manner available, saving ship owners up to 50 percent on fuel costs and putting them at the cutting edge of environmental technology. Our catalyst-free technology is unmatched in performance.

Daphne Technology SA is based in Saint-Sulpice, Vaud, and has locations in Sweden, Gothenburg and Singapore (opening shortly). Daphne’s unique air purifying technology helps not only the marine industry, but also the petrochemical, power and general transportation industries to reduce air emissions to the levels required by international and national regulations.

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