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Lymphatica Medtech: making the world’s first implantable device for lymphedema treatment

Lymphatica Medtech SA was founded in 2017 to answer to the lack of treatment for millions of people in the world affected by a disabling, chronic disease: lymphedema.

Lymphedema is a local malfunction of the lymphatic system causing chronic swelling of the limbs, pain and recurrent infections, leading to a state of disability. One of the most common cause of lymphedema are cancer treatments, which can damage locally the lymphatics in a limb. More than 100 million people are struggling with lymphedema around the world, while no cure nor effective treatment has yet been developed. Current available therapies involve cumbersome external compression garments (to be worn 24/7) and massages for the entire life of the patient, while managing recurrent infections through expensive antibiotic therapies and hospitalizations. Our product, LymphoDrain, aims at removing the source of all lymphedema issues.

It consists in a subcutaneous implant based on an innovative micropump connected to catheters that actively transport the accumulated lymph from the limb back to the lymphatic circulation, continuously. Both micropump and catheters are implanted subcutaneously through a minimally invasive surgery, which can be performed in ambulatory settings. The implantable pump doesn’t contain electronics nor battery, while it’s controlled through an external wearable device. The implant is subcutaneous and as such it is of minimal or no discomfort for the patient.

LymphoDrain aims at disrupting lymphedema market, offering unprecedent benefits for patients in terms of effectiveness and quality of life.

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