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RigiTech: Universal Drone Logistics

RigiTech is a Swiss company from Lausanne, pioneering drone delivery technology by developing the next generation of aerial logistics vehicles enabling faster, cheaper and more eco-friendly deliveries. Our first target market is healthcare, where drone delivery is set to disrupt traditional workflows.

80 percent of medical decisions are based on a blood test, but transporting samples from collection point to laboratory often takes several hours and can represent 10–40 percent of sample analysis costs. Current diagnostic logistics employs large fleets of fossil fuel cars only to transport small samples to centralised laboratories.

At RigiTech we are dedicated to creating a fully integrated, easy to use and reliable inter-city drone delivery solution for the In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) market: the Air Bridge. The Air Bridge delivers samples within minutes and for the fraction of the cost, enabling faster results to patients and faster medical treatment decisions. We are determined to lower the carbon footprint by eliminating fossil fuel consumption through our electric aerial vehicles.

Our drones use the best of both helicopter and plane technology – they take off and land vertically as a helicopter but then cruise like an airplane to reach longer distances, connecting facilities 80 Kilometers apart in less than 40 minutes. Our drones are not limited by road infrastructure and can link cities in straight lines or reach inaccessible or remote areas.

We will soon be operating our first routes in Switzerland, transporting IVD samples between different laboratories. We believe in a faster, safer and better future.

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