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Swiss Medical Union: promoting innovative solutions to end animal and human drug testing

Swiss Medical Union is a platform that was created to test the interaction, efficacy and safety of new medicines, control the quality of pharmaceutical products, select the right therapy ex vivo according to a patient’s needs, control the environment and the security of the patients to perform some R&D.

We live in an era in which technology has never been so powerful and yet we keep on trying drugs on living bodies, without fully knowing the negative impacts of injecting the wrong product into a living body, whether it is an animal or a human. But here is the solution; The Erganoid – 1 TM. The product itself is a combination of a biochip under the trademark of the Erganiod, the bioreactor which creates a liquid rotation in the chip in the microfluidic concept with air and vacuum, the spectrometer to analyze the impedance data on the biochip and the software which gives a clear output and treatment recommendation.

The goal of the «human-on-a-chip» is to increase the efficiency and speed of finding the appropriate treatment for the patient without having to try it on an animal or the patient himself, avoiding all the negative consequences that might arise should the drug be the wrong one.

An increasing amount of people and organizations defend animal rights and it is time to replace animal drug testing with in vitro methods based on human cells and organs. The testing into this external chip will help develop new medicines and more accurate treatments. Quality of pharmaceutical products will also be monitored and controlled easily. Having this special external «human-on-a-chip» will also be essential for the R&D of new and unknown substances.

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