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TOLREMO therapeutics: saving Lives by Preventing Resistance to Cancer Therapies

In 2018, over 2.4 million people died from cancer in the USA and Europe alone. This is owed to the fact that the effect of cancer drugs is rarely durable – the development of drug resistance is a major limiting factor to the survival of cancer patients.

With continuing drug treatment, cancer cells accumulate irreversible, resistance-causing mutations that eventually lead to therapy failure. Once a tumor is drug resistant, further treatment options are very limited.

TOLREMO therapeutics AG is an ETH spin-off that was founded in 2017 to translate a cutting-edge scientific discovery into a life-saving clinical solution. We are dedicated to developing resistance-preventing therapies that can be combined with existing cancer drugs to boost their long-term effectiveness. Our molecules eradicate those cancer cells that are predisposed to develop irreversible drug resistance, but have not yet done so.

Based on our scientific innovation, we built a proprietary drug resistance screening platform that acts as TOLREMO’s discovery engine to identify resistance-preventing compounds and novel drug targets. Within the two years since foundation, the company has already developed two novel chemical classes (TT125 and TT5180) that eventually can be used to make existing cancer drugs work better and patients live longer.

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