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Module description - Professional Communication (Elective)

ECTS 2.0
Level C1 / C2

  • Students will acquire and refine the skills necessary to prepare, carry out and follow up on a meeting in the form of agendas, procedures for meetings and the taking of minutes, employing complex language structures and forms used in business today.
  • Information will be supplied as to how to express ideas and opinions orally with precision and clarity in a formal situation while being able to evaluate and respond to those of others.
Learning objectives Upon successful completion of the module, participants can:

  • assess and respond to complex lines of argument
  • produce well-structured and precise agendas and minutes
  • differentiate between and evaluate salient/unimportant points in a discussion and respond and record these appropriately
  • converse confidently and effectively in a formal situation
  • express an idea, argue a point or maintain a stand convincingly
Previous knowledge Entry based on placement test or successful completion of e4/ten2. Language level C1 or above.
Exam format Continuous assessment grade
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