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Modulbeschreibung - Manufacturing Technology 1
(Herstellverfahren 1)

ECTS 3.0
Level basic
Overview The module Fundamentals of Corporate Logistics deals with logistics top-down from the point of view of the VWL and BWL on the one hand, and operationally in the internal processes over the entire logistics chain from procurement, production, storage and distribution to disposal on the other hand.
Corporate logistics is differentiated as a concept, as a process and as an output, references of the different logistics characteristics between daily life and corporate logistics are worked out.
The lecture contents are supplemented by case studies / exercises.
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Learning objectives

  • The students are familiar with the important questions of corporate logistics.
  • Students understand the importance of models in logistics.
  • The students are able to graphically depict simpler processes as processes in a consistent level of detail or to describe them as word models.
  • The students are able to recognize specific phenomena in their everyday environment and to describe them from the perspective of logistics.
  • The students understand the different concepts of procurement, starting from classical purchasing to supply chain management.
  • Students understand different concepts of production.
  • Students understand the tasks in distribution.
  • The students understand the different views of disposal.
  • The students know the infrastructures and tools of physical logistics.
  • The students understand the view of logistics on controlling.
  • The students understand the principles of materials management and are familiar with the basic methods.

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Exam format Final written exam
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