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Module description - Keynote 2 (Elective)

ECTS 2.0
Level C1 / C2
Overview TED Talks feature remarkable people communicating passionately and persuasively. The module invites students to explore these life-changing stories and develop a deeper understanding of our world.
The second part of this module further enables students to express them-selves powerfully and proficiently in English – in their professional and personal lives.
Keynote 1 is not a prerequisite for Keynote 2
Learning objectives Students can:

  • listen to the formal presentation of ideas of respected professionals and thinkers in authentic English
  • apply key critical thinking skills to the evaluation of these ideas and talks
  • learn how to give more formal presentations in an engaging and coher-ent way
  • build skills such as information literacy and global awareness, through analysis of real-life data and infographics
  • engage with a wide range of thought-provoking texts which examine our relationship with work, technology, the economy and education
  • collaborate with fellow students to reach a deeper understanding of top-ics and ideas
  • find their own voice in English, inspiring real, meaningful communication
  • learn to express themselves accurately and persuasively in both spoken and written English
Previous knowledge
  • e4/ten2
Exam format Continuous assessment grade
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