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Modulbeschreibung - Englisch I

Leitung Andrew Brown (Modulverantwortlicher)
ECTS 3.0
Unterrichtssprache Englisch
Lernziele/Komptenzen Subject-related skills: understand and produce pre-intermediate spoken and written English of a general nature and specific to stuents' field of study. Methodological skills: acquire appropriate study tools and techniques, access internal and external resources, analyse and solve problems, evaluate results. Social skills: work alone and with others in various capacities, provide, accept and deal with criticism. Personal skills: assess and build on their own work and that of others, understand its significance in the wider context; accept responsibility.
Lerninhalte Consolidation and expansion of basic grammar and vocabulary in written and spoken contexts (level B1)
Modultyp Wahlfplichtmodul gemäss Einstufung
Lehr- und Lernmethoden Immersionslernen
Leistungsbewertung gemäss Modulverzeichnis der aktuellen StuPro
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