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Biographical Storytelling with Virtual Reality

The web has the underestimated capacity to be printable. Join the workshop and learn to convert web content into PDFs using HTML, CSS, and Paged.js.


Nächster Start
22. Februar 2024
3 Tage
Do, 25.1.2024
Ab CHF 900.– (siehe Gebühren)

Unlock the power of your own diverse biography in creative storytelling connected with virtual reality! In the mornings, we'll immerse ourselves in captivating examples that showcase the beauty of diversity. In the afternoons, we'll ignite our imaginations and develop our own storytelling projects with a focus on inclusion and the means of basic virtual reality technology.

Renowned digital artist Azam Masoumzadeh will be your guide, sharing her remarkable portfolio of award-winning work. Gain insights into her personal practice and discover how she leverages digitality to bridge connections between cultures and histories. Azam will generously provide you with her valuable tools and techniques, enabling you to incorporate digital elements into your own artistic expression.

Immerse yourself in an open-hearted atmosphere, where every voice is heard and celebrated. This is a place where perspectives converge, and knowledge is shared among a vibrant community. Take away knowledge of biography work, storytelling as well as virtual reality technology to implement in your teachings or artistic work.

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Institute Arts and Design Education (IADE)

Kunst, Design und deren Vermittlung eröffnen neue Perspektiven, die Welt wahrzunehmen und zu gestalten. Das Lernen in Kunst und Design ist geprägt durch die intensive Erfahrung der Selbstwirksamkeit und den Umgang mit differenten Zusammenhängen.

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