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Jazzing up «New Inspiration 3»

Learn how to create inspiring and challenging scenarios based on the units in «New Inspiration 3» and develop your learners’ language skills according to the new curriculum (Lehrplan 21) with newly developed additional materials.

Have you had the impression that the course materials were not challenging or interesting enough for your learners? Then this course is for you! You will learn how to get the learners hooked by giving the topics more weight, by challenging the learners with tasks and projects and thus develop all four skills while not neglecting the development of lexis, grammar and discourse. You can try out newly developed materials or create your own scenarios.


Englisch, Sekundarstufe I


CHF 480.00 (CHF 432.00 für Lehrpersonen Volksschule in Anstellung AG/SO)


AG: 100% Kanton (A), SO: 50% Kanton / 50% Gemeinde (B)


Ursula Schär, Dozentin für Englisch und Englischdidaktik PH FHNW




Pädagogische Hochschule FHNW, Windisch

Institut Primarstufe Bahnhofstrasse 6 5210 Windisch

Pädagogische Hochschule FHNW, Solothurn

Institut Kindergarten-/Unterstufe, Institut Primarstufe, Institut Weiterbildung und Beratung, Zentrum Lernen und Sozialisation Obere Sternengasse 7 4500 Solothurn
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