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Konversationskurs – Maintaining your English

Keep up and expand your English in conversations related to teaching in primary schools. Current approaches are discussed and applied with a native speaking tutor to promote fluency and refresh teaching knowledge using actual lesson tasks.

Teacher fluency is broadened by exchanging and refreshing knowledge to promote confident communicative competence. Through interactive group tasks conducted in the target language, teachers will become reacquainted with modern approaches to teaching, such as language and cultural awareness, Task- and Story-Based Learning as well as how to work with mixed ability classes. However, it will be flexible to accommodate the participants needs. The tutor, a native from Miami, teaches Fachdidaktik and Fachwissenschaft for Primary English at the PH FHNW as well as English to 5th and 6th graders at Staffelbach Primary school.


Zyklus 2, Zyklus 3


CHF 576.00


AG: 100% Kanton (A), SO: 50% Kanton / 50% Gemeinde (B)


Kenneth Ross, Dozent für Englisch Fachdidaktik und Fachwissenschaft PH FHNW


Interesse? Tel. 032 628 66 22



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