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Jump on the bus: Task-Based Learning

Often teachers ask, «What exactly is task-based learning and how can I advantageously use this method in my classroom?». This workshop delves deeper into this method and looks at the aspects which make it a powerful tool in language acquisition.

Throughout the country, more and more teachers are using task-based activities within their lessons. In fact, various primary school teaching materials which revolve around this method has been published specifically for the Swiss market. This method’s growth in popularity is due to its numerous possibilities for communicative output and connection to real world situations. In these 2 half-day workshops, we will discuss these various points:

  • Introducing the method and linking it to different, available books and materials
  • advantages and challenges associated with task-based learning
  • working with authentic inputs
  • creating project tasks
  • linking the method to strengthening competences (as mentioned in the new Lehrplan)Participants will be active and given the opportunity to share ideas and experiences relating to the task-based method
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    Zyklus 2


    CHF 288.00


    AG: 100% Kanton (A), SO: 50% Kanton / 50% Gemeinde (B)


    Kenneth Ross, Dozent für Englisch Fachdidaktik und Fachwissenschaft PH FHNW


    Interesse? Tel. 032 628 66 22



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