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Add Creativity to Spice up your Coursebook

What does a jar of ready-made curry sauce and a coursebook have in common? Exploring this paradox, we discover how activities and tasks in our coursebooks can be enriched and spiced up by adding a very special ingredient - creativity.

Most state school ELT contexts use a published coursebook, as their prime source of input, which also comes as a complete package. The extensiveness of this package appears to be advantageous especially for new teachers. However, as everything is prescribed are coursebooks actually hindering a teacher’s creative potential? Does it restrict individualism and opportunities to foster creativity in the language classroom?
Referring to ideas in literature on creative language teaching approaches, this workshop encourages teachers to explore ways to creatively adapt activities in a coursebook by:

  • Providing a brief outline of creativity – what it is and its implications for language teaching.
  • Exploring how a coursebook is similar to a ready-made curry sauce in order to justify the creative approaches proposed.
  • Based on these findings, actively engage teachers, by asking them to generate and create ideas they can implement in their classrooms.


Zyklus 2, Zyklus 3


Teachers are to bring along their coursebook materials.


CHF 144.00


AG: 100% Kanton (A), SO: 50% Kanton / 50% Gemeinde (B)
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