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Developmental Coaching: Theory and Methods

Das Fachseminar für Coaches, Supervisoren und Beraterinnen, die Coaching als professionelles, entwicklungspsychologisches Beratungsformat einsetzen wollen.

Tatiana Bachkirova, Professor at the Oxford Brookes University (UK), published in 2011 a theory of Developmental Coaching that takes into account psychological evolution of coaching clients. Since then, she has been working on the practical approach and methods of coaching that this theory embodies, making sure that these methods are also supported by the most recent research and ideas in coaching and other relevant fields.
In this workshop the participants will engage with many of these methods. They will experiment with them taking into consideration the diversity of our clients that is associated with their developmental needs. These methods include ‘working with multiplicity of self’ and ‘working with the “elephant”' (unconscious, habitual, but also spontaneous and creative expressions of the whole organism).
This experiential two-day workshop will be most suitable for experienced coaches who are keen to work with the whole person of their clients and are ready to stretch themselves beyond established coaching practices.


The workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to expand:
Knowledge and understanding of

  • Human nature in relation to multiple self and extended mind – a new paradigm
  • Physicality of coaching
  • Adult development in the context of coaching
  • Social and self-competences in terms of:
  • Extending awareness of the role of self of the coach in the coaching process
  • Establishing a better rationale for their own style and variation of coaching approaches
  • Identifying additional capacities and limitations of their own influence in coaching
  • Skills and tools, such as:
  • Using the notion of multiple self in helping the client to deal with complex decision making
  • Working with the ‘elephant’ (unconscious, automatic part of mind and the body) to facilitate change
  • Differentiating coaching strategies in relation to three categories of clients depending on their developmental needs and without use of psychometric instruments
  • Teaching methods
  • Presentation of new ideas, conceptual discussions, co-active reflection, experiential activities and active experimentation with new methods of coachings
  • Content
  • Nature of self and extended mind: changing discourses in philosophy, psychology and applied disciplines of knowledge. Working with the functional multiplicity of the organism and multiple stories that we produce linguistically.
  • Embodied intelligence and organic change. Working with the whole organism in coaching process – engaging ‘the elephant’.
  • Developmental processes and diversity of clients. Working flexibly and in service of psychological evolution.
  • Literature
  • Bachkirova, T. (2016) The Self of the Coach: Conceptualization, Issues, and Opportunities for Practitioner Development, Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 68(2), pp. 143−156.
  • Bachkirova, T. (2011) Developmental coaching: working with the self. Maidenhead: Open University Press.


Experienced Coaches

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