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An introduction to Team Coaching - Workshop with Prof David Clutterbuck

This intensive one-day event is aimed at people with a solid foundation of experience and expertise in one to one coaching, who want to add team coaching to their portfolio; and at Human Resource professionals wanting to gain an understanding of how team coaching can enhance their internally and externally resourced coaching provision. The context of the programme is teams in the workplace, with particular emphasis on executive teams and project teams, although the tools, techniques and theory also apply to other forms of team.


The following topics are covered:

  • The purpose of team coaching
  • How teams evolve
  • Models of team learning
  • What helps and hinders team efficacy? The leader follower relationship.
  • What do we mean by high performing team?
  • Differences between individual coaching and team coaching. Identifying team strengths and weaknesses.
  • Key steps in the team coaching process – contracting, scoping, developing the team’s capacity to coach itself
  • Team coaching session dialogue: contracting, goal setting, defining the issue, context, redefinition, seeking individual and collective mindshift, alternative ways forward, decisions, recontracting
  • Competencies of a team coach
  • Behaviours of teams and team members. How to recognize and analyze team dysfunction.
  • Techniques to clarify and build alignment with team goals.
  • Managing team motivation, temporal issues, creativity

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CHF 400 regular price
CHF 380 for attendees of the 5th International Coaching Conference
CHF 340 for attendees of the 5th International Coaching Conference participating at a reduced rate


We reserve the right to make changes to the workshop and prices.




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