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Generation Y – Why Not?

Hyperlocal publishing based on the example of Feldbergstrasse in Basel

Why not explore the obvious close by – the hyperlocal, that is – through different perspectives instead of travelling far searching for interesting topics? Hyperlocal design activism is a method driven by a can-do and why-not attitude. All the content comes from Feldbergstrasse in Basel and is provided by a team of authors, photographers, and illustrators from Switzerland and other parts of the world. Hyperlocal journalism and publishing means concentrating on one specific area in your neighbourhood.

Creating a medium for a street also means creating a small community that is directly or indirectly involved in hyperlocal topics. Since social media are already part of our everyday life, and print will probably never die, designers and publishers are finding new solutions to combine both in a way that fits the context. So how can the heterogenous hyperlocal content of Feldbergstrasse be translated into an ongoing hybrid publication?

Author: Ana Brankovic
Institute of Visual Communication, Master thesis 2016