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Times of Waste – What’s Left

Waste can be a promising resource or an annoying remainder; waste is political and social, but above all unavoidable. Waste never disappears completely and always leaves traces. Times of Waste – What’s left focuses on the life of a smartphone.

The exhibition is dedicated to a typical everyday technology of our time that leads to many types of waste, starting with the extraction of the raw materials it contains. It traces the transport and recycling routes of a smartphone and its components, which lead to landfills and shredding, to repair shops and research laboratories, and to various materials and people. The local and global challenges thus identified raise questions about possible courses of action in the age of electronic waste.

The metal-relic model is part of a multimedia exhibition setting that was shown at Museum der Kulturen Basel, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, Haus zur Glocke Steckborn, and the Stedman Gallery, Rutgers University-Camden New Jersey. From the end of January 2020, it will be on show at Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin.

Interdisciplinary team:
Flavia Caviezel (Lead), Mirjam Bürgin, Anselm Caminada, Adrian Demleitner, Marion Mertens, Yvonne Volkart, and Sonia Malpeso

Institute IXDM, a SNF (Swiss National Science Foundation) research project, 2018