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Swiss Cultural Challenge

Regardless of whether a project just needs a few finishing touches, whether a new format is being developed, or whether the venture is still in its infancy: the capacity-building programme provides time and space for creative and cultural workers to test and experiment– always with the current societal challenges in mind. Swiss Cultural Challenge advocates a transdisciplinary, cooperative and collaborative approach. It provides guidance to projects after graduation, enables encounters, provides space for critique, inspiration, and experimentation for the purpose of sharpening and enhancing a proposed business idea. Collaboration partners include like-minded experts and initiatives as well as museums, business companies and associations, as well as foundations.

I see the Swiss Cultural Challenge (SCC) as a unique program in Europe, pioneering capacity building in cultural entrepreneurship. The Silicon Valley start-up culture success rules, developed with tech companies in mind, do not apply mutatis mutandis to cultural initiatives. The greatest merit of the SCC is that it has developed a special training environment for projects that are focused on creating culture and social impact. With its critical and at the same time practical approach, the program has great potential of becoming Europe’s influencer in the field of cultural entrepreneurship.

Monica Boța-Moisin, Cultural intellectual property and fashion lawyer; Founder of the Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative, Lecturer of the Swiss Cultural Challenge.

The FHNW Academy of Art and Design’s incentive programme supports graduate students from art and design universities across Switzerland in the critical phase between studying and professional life. A business idea often starts with a project. A successful launch of their enterprise in the market is what concerns the participants of Swiss Cultural Challenge. However, the development of innovative and meaningful projects and job structures requires sufficient time for experiments and the exchange of ideas.

With their business ideas, the participants in this year’s Swiss Cultural Challenge are pursuing a common goal: encouraging the peaceful coexistence of humans, plants, and animals in the future. Their projects range from ideas for artist residencies in digital space, to advancing nature in cities, to service offers for staged food events, as well as innovative process development in organizations.

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