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Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship goes from the assumption that the basis of successful cooperation implies readiness to learn from one another, to transform conventional patterns, to find a common language, and to combine different perspectives.

This also involves the topic of mindfulness: caring for oneself and others means taking on responsibility for oneself and other living beings. In order to further this idea in the cultural and creative industry, the initiative questions and modifies established structures along with prevalent systems and modes of thought and action. It reflects on the language and narrative mode in transdisciplinary and cross-cultural settings, appertains to media and digital technologies, and deals with the peaceful coexistence of humans, animals, and plants at the interface of art, design, education, and the markets.

The mentors of Swiss Cultural Challenge – Matthias Einhoff (Cofounder of Z/KU Berlin), Monica Moisin (Founder of the Cultural IP Rights Initiative) and Robert Stutz (Cofounder of the attorney’s office Beutler Künzi Stutz AG) –discuss the topic of cooperative modes of negotiation in a panel discussion on 7 May 2020. Under the heading “Looking at Negotiation”, they explore the significance of negotiation processes for the creation of value in the cultural industries. The initial argument is that, as far as cultural and creative industries are concerned, collaborative efforts are far more likely to lead to a successful start-up than competitive cooperation. The talk is hosted by Jana Eske (Head of Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship).

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