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Maxiversity – The World’s Smallest University

We investigate the empowering synergetics of dialogue: two persons, one method, and the vast resources of online knowledge are all it takes to start this revolution.

Based on curated online tutorials, Maxidiversity is, in the widest sense of the term, concerned with the development of a transcultural society by means of knowledge appropriation, empowerment strategies and the democratization of power along with production and cultural technologies. The aim is to explore new, dialogue-based methods and formats of knowledge transfer, not least in connection with the university world.

Basis of the Maxiversity idea is the concept of the smallest, meaningful educational unit possible, that is, two people facing one another. Knowledge transfer and education commence when two people meet and begin to communicate: to exchange ideas, to negotiate, to understand, to convince or even seduce one another, to the effect that in action, alone or together, knowledge is generated and things begin to take on shape.

The Internet provides access to a growing, all-encompassing testimony of human action, perception, knowledge and process, in historical as well as current terms. A living collection not necessarily subject to scholastic restraints, reflecting the will to act and to shape, in other words, to design. In every respect. A gargantuan pile of data, information and knowledge, and, depending on the author, a suggestion of how to read the world, pars pro toto.

Maxviversity at documenta 14 as part of the “School of Everything”
In the context of the documenta educational programme, the HyperWerk Institute is taking part in the symposium “School of Everything”, an event which is trying to create an educational system that invites participants to share knowledge in realization that education is the key to social change. At the symposium texts, documentations, manifestoes and sketches of educational models are brought together for the purpose of decriminalizing the idea of sharing and simply enjoying the act of giving.

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