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China Centre

Knowledge for students and businesses

For over 25 years, the FHNW School of Business has fostered intensive exchange with businesses in a wide range of sectors, with renowned universities and with public authorities in China. We foster this cooperation to promote knowledge exchange and business relationships between Switzerland and China. In this way, we improve the career opportunities of our students and the potential success of Swiss businesses in the Chinese market.

Our long relationship with China was recognised by the bestowal of the Friendship Award, the highest honour awarded to foreigners in China, on Prof. Peter Abplanalp in 2006 and on Prof. Dr. Ruedi Nützi in 2014.

China for Businesses

The FHNW China Centre is your contact point for market knowledge about China. Companies will find various opportunities to increase their China know-how. The aim is to promote information and technology transfer and to bring together scientific and industrial partners from Switzerland and China for cooperation and innovation.

Our offers for companies help you to get to know the Chinese economy and to prepare for a market entry into China.

Swiss China Update

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Business Consultancy

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KMU Leitfaden China

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Professionally Managing China Operations

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The FHNW School of Business’s engagement with China

What is the goal of the FHNW School of Business’s activities involving China? (PDF)