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Southeast Asia

Explore ASEAN and Projects in the ASEAN states


exploreASEAN is an international student project run by students for students. It gives final year students a unique chance to broaden their horizon by participating in an interdisciplinary project. The project team's aim is to gain insights into how to do business in ASEAN countries, and share findings with the participants on how to connect with businesses onsite. The project is made up of three parts: the preparatory seminar, the onsite trip and the final event.


FHNW School of Business jointly offers the articulation programme with various overseas universities. During their time at FHNW, students can experience the applied sciences studying style, learning by doing, in which they have opportunities to interact with companies, practitioners and researchers via live projects and international student projects.

Innovation Diffusion for Entrepreneurship Acceleration - IDEA

IDEA is an experiential learning programme which facilitates innovative thinking and increases entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge among postgraduate students, managers, and experts in related fields. Participants acquire a capstone innovation and entrepreneurship experience by solving live cases originating from SMEs and start-up enterprises located in a selected region.

Social Entrepreneurship for Economic Development - SEED

The SEE-project aims to train students in social entrepreneurship and offers cross-cultural management experience in a foreign environment. Students will be provided a platform to work with management students abroad. They will learn to operate in new socio-cultural contexts as entrepreneurs, strategists and change agents (leaders) in order to bring about sustainable economic development through their enterprising efforts for the community.

Multinational Business Management - MBM 

The Multinational Business Management seminar week offers international students, lecturers and staff to exchange knowledge, background and country information. In coordination with the International Student Projects, participants have the opportunity to learn more about the business relations of Switzerland with China, South East Asia, North America and India. This week includes series of seminars and corporate visits that enable the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to meet successful business managers, other students and executives in a variety of organizations in one of these dynamic, fast growing economies.


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