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Launched in 2005, Focus India is a flagship project within the bachelor degree program of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW). Organized by students for students in their final year, it allows them to apply and enhance the skills learned in school.

Through close collaboration with industrial partners, Focus India has enriched numerous students with valuable skills. Not only the project team members have profited from this unique experience, also the communication team as well as the interdisciplinary delegation have broadened their horizons and have gone on to start remarkable careers or graduate programs after their graduation.

Focus India

Focus India

International Student project organised by students for students

to Focus India

Collaboration in India with Swiss SMEs and swissnex

A close partnership with swissnex India has enabled FHNW faculty to engage with collaborative initiatives, which have included SME support in India. For example, a recent Fintech delegation of Swiss start-ups and academia, with FHNW participation, were invited by swissnex India for a week-long Fintech tour in India.

FHNW Engagement with the Swiss Embassy

Close collaboration with the Embassy of India in Switzerland has enabled faculty and students to engage on topics such as the Vocational Education Training (VET) system, primarily drawing on the School's focus on practice-oriented education as well as small and medium-sized enter-prises (SMEs).

Participation in International Conferences

Faculty are able to contribute to international conferences in Switzerland, like the renowned Horasis conference for Indian business leaders and international counterparts.


Prof. Pieter Jan Perrett
Prof. Pieter Jan Perrett Lecturer, Institute for Competitiveness and Communication
Telephone +41 62 957 23 78 (direct)

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