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Globalization, economic turmoil and the growth of business synergies between Russian and Swiss enterprises underline the need to exchange business knowledge. The School of Business, FHNW has been collaborating successfully with Russian universities and businesses since 2006, providing executive business education and consulting services on business development. The School of Business embraces all business directions including health care management, based on the concept of Value-Based Health Care developed by Michael Porter and Elizabeth Teisberg, Harvard Business School.

Executive business education

Executive business education invites participants to look behind the scenes at how Swiss small and medium enterprises (SME) function. This is particularly important because SMEs are the backbone of the Swiss economy. 99% of Swiss enterprises are SMEs. The goal of this cooperation is to stimulate the development of business networks and the promotion of joint educational activities based on professional knowledge exchange between Russian and Swiss business partners. Collaboration between partner universities takes place at post-graduate level. It is centred on implementing international training programmes, business networking events, scientific research, business education and specialized CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies); MAS (Master of Advanced Studies); MBA (Master of Business Administration) and EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) programmes in Russia and Switzerland. International collaboration takes the form of joint education projects for Russian business people, researchers and academia.

Consulting services

Consulting services for Russian executives address how to tackle specific business issues, for example, a business or marketing strategy, human resource development and how to start a business in Switzerland or Russia.
A unique partnership has been running since 2010 with the Federal Center of Cardiovascular Surgery, city of Astrakhan, Russia. Twice a year groups of doctors attend management programmes tailored to the Federal Center’s needs. In 2015 the center was officially recognized as one of the best cardiology centres in Russia.


Prof. Dr. Guy Ochsenbein Head of Institutes FHNW School of Business
Telephone : +41 62 957 23 73 (direct)

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