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connectUS is a prestigious project organized by students for students at the FHNW School of Business. Its primary goal is to broaden future graduates’ business and intercultural understanding by linking theory with real world experience. After an interesting preparatory seminar with a wide variety of guest speakers, who give in-depth insights about life and business in the United States, connectUS will expand its horizons by travelling to the United States – the country of limitless opportunities. The main focus of the project is to provide a profound overview of the key components of success when doing business outside Switzerland.


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Network of American partner universities

Students and staff of the School of Business profit from an intensive network with American partner universities. Intensive contacts to our partners allow a deeper insight into business and culture of the country. 


Prof. Dr. Anita Graf
Prof. Dr. Anita Graf Lecturer, Institute for Human Resource Management
Telephone +41 62 957 22 85 (direct)

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