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Cyber Security & Cyber Resilience

We design solutions in the context of Cyber Security. We systematically take into account requirements from the areas of governance, risk management, compliance (GRC), as well as audit and assurance.

Resilience Engineering – Cyber Security Alone is not Enough!

Throughout the world, cyber resilience is classified as a critical challenge for society and organizations. We consider cyber resilience a system’s or organization’s ability to recover after an (external) shock, a cyber-attack, and to return to its original state (recovery). Cyber resilience also means that an impaired, altered system continues to fulfil essential tasks by adapting (adaptation).

We design solutions that help organizations develop their individual cyber resilience – a cyber resilience ecosystem. We see such an ecosystem as a systemic construct, with multiple circular processes. Our research also includes personnel aspects, such as the culture and structure of organizations.


We take on new trends and innovation. We research on blockchain, artificial intelligence or machine learning and investigate the potential impact on security but also the benefits for security.

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence as a "Game Changer"?

Blockchain is based on the decentralized storage and encryption of transaction data in a long chain of data blocks. The technology is considered tamper-resistant and offers the potential to build secure data flows and processes, e.g. preventive protection against data manipulation or distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

For us, blockchain technology is a benchmark innovation driver; we investigate various fields of application, such as smart contracts or new security mechanisms. As a game changer, we also see artificial intelligence (AI): It supports Cyber Security through self-learning network analysis and can be used to detect cyber-attacks.

Our Research Approach - Scientifically Sound and Practically Usable

Based on current risk assessments, we design solutions for practice in a collaborative and systematic way. Specifically, we analyse methods, techniques and concepts and combine them with new solutions. We strive for a lively dialogue with the economy, especially with our neighbours in Basel and northwestern Switzerland. We are constantly developing new educational opportunities – on the topics cyber security & resilience, as well as blockchain.

Main Research Areas

  • Socio-Technical Security
  • Resilience Engineering
  • Big Data Assurance
  • Blockchain / Distributed Ledgers

Current Research Topics

Cyber Security Governance
• Conceptual Metamodeling of Cyber Security Frameworks
• A Cybercrime Prevention Framework for Swiss SME´s

Cyber Security - Risks and Fraud
• Fraud Prevention using Data Analytics
• Digital Forensic Readiness
• Proactive Hacking

Cyber Security - Critical Infrastructures
• Cyber Security in Finance Field
• Cyber Security in the Aviation Field

Cyber Resilience
• Combining of Best-Practice Reference Models of Cyber Resilience
• Cyber Resilience Principles and Tools
• Cyber Resilience towards Strategic Management
• Smart Cities
• Smart Homes

• Blockchain as Enabler for Cyber Security
• Application of Blockchain technology (use case)
• Blockchain in the Supply Chain

Big Data
• Real-World Data towards Real-World-Data Evidence
• Real World Data – Assurance


Prof. Dr. Petra Maria Asprion
Prof. Dr. Petra Maria Asprion Lecturer, Institute for Information Systems
Telephone : +41 61 279 17 48 (direct)

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