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Woodwind Instruments

Recorder Renaissance-Romantic

Prof. Katharina Bopp Becking

to Prof. Katharina Bopp Becking

Prof. Conrad Steinmann

to Prof. Conrad Steinmann

Prof. Han Tol

to Prof. Han Tol

Recorder Medieval-Renaissance

Corina Marti

to Corina Marti

Historical Transverse Flute

Prof. Marc Hantaï

to Prof. Marc Hantaï

Renaissance Transverse Flute

Johanna Bartz

to Johanna Bartz

Historical Oboe

Prof. Katharina Arfken

to Prof. Katharina Arfken


Ian Harrison

to Ian Harrison

Historical Clarinet

Pierre-André Taillard

to Pierre-André Taillard

Historical Bassoon, Dulcian

Prof. Dr. Donna Agrell

to Prof. Dr. Donna Agrell
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