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String Instruments

Violine in alter Mensur

Prof. Amandine Beyer

to Prof. Amandine Beyer

David Plantier

to David Plantier

Prof. Leila Schayegh

to Prof. Leila Schayegh

Violoncello in alter Mensur

Prof. Christophe Coin

to Prof. Christophe Coin

Petr Skalka

to Petr Skalka

Viola da gamba

Prof. Paolo Pandolfo

to Prof. Paolo Pandolfo

Rebeka Rusó

to Rebeka Rusó

Violone/ Kontrabass

David Sinclair

to David Sinclair

Fidel, Renaissance-Viola da gamba

Prof. Baptiste Romain

to Prof. Baptiste Romain
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