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Signal Processing and Communication Technology

We develop signal processing systems and communication systems from the algorithm in Matlab and Python to the final implementation

  • Analog and digital signal processing
  • Real-time image processing
  • Analog and digital communication systems
  • Development and analysis of transmitters, receivers and transmission links
  • Cryptology and coding

Signal transmission and high frequency technology

Electrical signal transmission technology is important for many microelectronic systems, but also for other projects.


We apply our know-how from the physics of signal transmission together with measurement technology down to the lower levels of the OSI communication model:

  • Signal transmission technology, field theory, antennas
  • Development and analysis of transmitters, receivers and transmission links
  • Communication systems on the lower OSI layers
  • Signal processing

Embedded systems

We develop embedded systems on modern FPGA with logic functions and processor functions on one chip.


Embedded System on Chip (SoC) is gaining in importance and its development requires special expertise. With mixed systems of hardware and software, many tasks can be solved particularly efficiently by combining the advantages of both worlds. An embedded system on chip (SoC) also offers particularly good possibilities for safety-relevant applications. The FPGA families from Altera and Xilinx and their processor cores as well as discrete processors such as the members of the ARM family offer themselves as platforms. Various operating systems are used for low-power applications - a proprietary framework based on Linux has proven particularly successful.

Contact us

Prof. Dr. Gerd Simons
Prof. Dr. Gerd Simons Head of Institute for Sensors and Electronics FHNW
Telephone : +41 56 202 75 68 (direct)
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