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Aerosol measurement technology

Competencies in the development of field measurement technology for aerosol measurement

Aerosol measurement is used for the purpose of ambient air measurement (e.g. personal monitoring) and to measure and characterise particle emissions of combustion processes, for instance in diesel engines or biomass combustion.

The Institute of Aerosol and Sensor Technology is also experienced  in using the standard technologies in the aerosol field. In addition to conventional measurement technologies (SMPS, CPC, etc.), photoacoustic measurement is also one of our fields of expertise.

In the ramework of this research, highly accurate and highly sensitive electrical current measurements have been developed that offer sub-femtoamp measurement capability. Other work concerns aerosol generation and filtration. The Institute of Aerosol and Sensor Technology has a well-equipped particle laboratory for this purpose.


Contact: Heinz Burtscher

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