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Digital ASIC & FPGA Design

We realize digital functions from algorithm with the digital signal processing to FPGA using VHDL, including simulation with Testbench, requirement tracing, code checking until implementation with synthesis and place&route.

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Digital microelectronics includes all steps until the  FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) or a digital ASIC. This includes

  • Design and evaluation of algorithms and architectures
  • ASIC / FPGA design with VHDL (Verilog)
  • Functional verification with VHDL-Testbench including PSL (Property Specification Language) and also SystemVerilog
  • Integration of processors, including hard- and softmacros
  • Design and integration of digital signal processing
  • Use of rapid interface structures of modern FPGA families
  • Realization of test structures and testpatterns (ATPG - Automatic Test Pattern Generation) for ASICs

Contact: Michael Pichler, +41 56 202 75 26,

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