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Engineer-to-order web platform

The FHNW Institute of Business Engineering is developing a collaborative web platform together with research and industry partners.



  • How can the efficiency, reliability and flexibility of the engineer-to-order process be significantly increased by using the potential of new IT technologies for decision support?
  • In what way does an ETO web platform ideally need to be structured to enable customers and suppliers to work together?
  • How is process mining used to list decision options – with the preparation of reasons and recommendations?


Swiss industry has a high proportion of companies in the customer-oriented production sector. In the customer-specific made-to-order production segment (ETO "engineer-to-order"), the specification process for the scope of work requested is always an iterative procedure for all stakeholder groups and therefore requires a high degree of communication, coordination and collaboration. Due to media disruptions and redundancies, today's methods are often ineffective and fraught with risk.


As part of the research project, a collaborative ETO web platform is being developed; this platform is accessible as a project-specific hub with regard to requirements specifications and change management etc. to both customers and suppliers. User friendliness – i.e. the simplicity and ergonomics of the platform – has top priority. Using appropriate graphical depictions, the aim is for customers to be informed about product characteristics. On the supplier and customer side, phase-related decision support mechanisms are also offered if help is to be provided with regard to decisions concerning content, scheduling and costs.

Project information

Implementation FHNW Institute of Business Engineering
Research partner FHNW Institute of Humans in Complex Systems
Duration 2 years
Funding Innosuisse – Swiss Innovation Agency
Project management Prof. Dr. Adrian Specker


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