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Special prize in internationalisation

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The Swiss Innovation Challenge awards a special prize for internationalisation strategies devised by start-ups and SMEs. The internationalisation strategy can relate to any stage of the value chain, from development and production through to sales. Internationalisation can be an independent process or something that is done in collaboration with partners in Switzerland and abroad.

The prize is worth CHF 5,000.

The jury will award the special prize in internationalisation based on the following criteria:

  • The impact of the internationalisation strategy on long-term entrepreneurial success.
  • The winning project should harness internationalisation to significantly boost the company’s competitive edge.
  • The level of innovation in the chosen internationalisation strategy.
  • Particular consideration will be given to unusual strategies and unique approaches to implementing the ideas.
  • The professionalism shown in planning and implementing the internationalisation strategy.
  • A transparent, comprehensive and high-quality plan for implementing the strategy increases your chances of winning the special prize. A business plan is a particularly good way of achieving this.

You must have entered the Swiss Innovation Challenge as a regular participant in order to compete for the special prize.

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