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AI, AR and Creative Coding- Learning and Applying Digital Tools for Visual Arts Education

Workshop AI, AR and Creative Coding at the Institute Arts and Design Education (IADE)

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Next start
17 January 2024
1 Week
Final application date
Wed, 20.12.2023
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German / Englisch
From CHF 900.– (siehe Gebühren)
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This workshop is designed to empower arts and design teachers and educators to effectively incorporate tools from Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Creative Coding into their teaching practices - both in traditional and digital formats.

In this workshop, art educators and high school teachers will learn to utilize creative programming as a design tool. Starting from projects and questions brought from their own teaching and facilitation practices, we will gradually move from the analog to the digital realm. The goal is to acquire programming skills and develop proficiency in working with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR). We will critically reflect on AI and learn how it can be creatively and effectively utilized for programming solutions. Through coding in combination with AR, new design possibilities for educational and facilitation settings will be explored.

Participants will receive a practical introduction to the open-source program Processing, gain insights into Artificial Intelligence, and learn about Augmented Reality. The aim is for participants to be able to immediately apply what they have learned in their own practice. Prior programming knowledge is not required. The course can be counted as professional development for high school teachers.

The course will be delivered in a blended learning format, combining both in-person and digital sessions.

Institute Arts and Design Education (IADE)

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Institute Arts and Design Education (IADE)

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