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CAS Product Management: Customer and value-oriented

Strategy – Practice - Leadership

Key data

ECTS points
7 months
School days
CHF 8'200

The product manager is like a Swiss Army Knife, someone prepared for all contingencies. In this Certificate of Advanced Studies, we will de-mystify this complicated profession through well-established knowledge, relevant practical exercises and reflection. We will be visiting companies that demonstrate excellent customer orientation through inspiring, values-oriented leadership. In the end, you’ll have a diverse toolbox for your everyday challenges and a transformed idea of how product management serves people and the planet.

Equipped with a comprehensive toolbox for daily work

The highlight of the CAS was the visit of two companies that actively implement value-oriented product management. The exchange with the driving CEOs was extremely valuable to understand the background as well as the motivation to implement such a "sustainable" strategy. I can recommend the CAS to all product managers who want to expand their skills to better fulfill their role as "Mini-CEO".

Sven Biellmann - Produktmanager Ecosystem, Finnova


Topics on product management:

  • Introduction to marketing
  • product ideation
  • Product development
  • Everyday product management
  • marketing controlling and portfolio management

Topics on customers:

  • Understanding customers (customer insights)
  • Value proposition canvas
  • Jobs-to-be-done
  • Customer journey

Topics on leadership and values:

  • The individual and values
  • Teams and values
  • Firm values
  • Values focused on product and service development

A highlight is the study trip to Lindau on Lake Constance. During three days you will visit companies in Germany and Austria that apply value-oriented product management (e.g. Vaude).

Nikolina Fuduric - Programmleitung


FHNW School of Business, Olten

FHNW University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland School of Business Riggenbachstrasse 16 CH - 4600 Olten
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