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Leisure and living in Basel

Producing, advancing, living culture: Basel offers a tightly packed choice of cultural institutions and events. The city looks back on a long tradition of appreciating and advancing art, design, theatre, music, and cinema, making it an ideal place to live, work, and study.


Learn more about Basel at

The Programmzeitung lists what is on in Basel in terms of cultural events, while the joint online platform of the Basel museums informs you about the city’s rich calendar of exhibitions.

Looking for accommodation

The association Wohnraum für Studierende lets apartments to students at favourable rates. The University of Basel website is an online advertising site for all kinds of things – from accommodation, to jobs, to clothes.

Local recreation area Brüglingen

Just next to the Campus of the Arts lies Brüglingen Field which includes the Merian Gardens and Green Park, two top-quality recreation areas.

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