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Admission in detail

BSc Business Administration (International Management)

Education Admission requirement Additional work experience (1)

Professional Baccalaureate, commercial

Commercial School (with Professional Baccalaureate)

yes none

Professional Baccalaureate, other than commercial

General Baccalaureate (2)

International Baccalaureate (3)

Specialised Middle School Baccalaureate

German University of Applied Sciences Entry Diploma entitling studies in all federal states of Germany (4)

Higher Vocational School

yes 12 month

Foreign Certificate

on request (5) 12 month

Higher Vocational School of Business HFW Diploma

acceptance of credits subject to study regulations  

Transfer from Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences

determination of equivalence  

Admission sur dossier

Examination of the dossier (6)  

1) Work experience must include a predominantly commercial activity.
2) Baccalaureate certificates obtained outside Switzerland are accepted if  granted access to Swiss universities without examination. Additional requirement: English Certificate level B2/C1.
3) Accepted, if in final diploma 32 out of 42 points achieved (without bonus points) as well as 6 subjects from the IB group list. At least 3 subjects have to be at Higher Level, one of them from IB group 4 or 5.
4) Minimum average grade of 2.8 is required.
5) For international Students: The entrance examinations are held in English. Subjects: English, Business Studies, Accounting, Maths. Registration Deadline: End of January.
6) The educational and professional qualifications listed in the dossier must clearly show that the candidate possesses previous education equivalent to the General or the Professional Baccalaureate.

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