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Why study Business Information Technology

What makes business IT so unique?

5 Reasons

Learn how to transform business with technology

Businesses are in the midst of digital transformation. To succeed they need competent business IT experts who can develop innovative IT solutions, implement new business models, design more customer-focused services and roll out efficient collaboration tools. As a business information technology specialist you will play a key role in making companies succeed.

Wirtschaftsinformatik Business und IT

Jobs for a digital future

A whole range of fascinating jobs awaits you once you have your degree. You will be on the leading edge, guiding companies into the digital future. Whether you are a project manager, consultant, business analyst or head of IT, your job will be to make meaningful technical and business innovation happen. You will find yourself highly sought after, with opportunities in aspiring start-ups, small and mid-sized enterprises, or multinationals. And you will have rich opportunities with great career prospects in industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing and trade.

Learn to see things from a different point of view

With us you will learn how business and information technology meet. After your studies you will be equally familiar with the challenges organisations face, the processes they have in place, and the technical possibilities of IT. You will be able to weigh up the benefits and limitations of digital solutions to move the business forward. You will understand the concerns of IT teams as of well as executives, and will be able to see things from different perspective.

Understanding business and IT. Motivating people, networking, finding and implementing innovative solutions: this is the world of Business Information Technology.

Andreas Reber, Programme Head

Become an expert in working with people

As a BIT student you will learn the skills you need to work with people in a professional and structured manner. You will gain experience in dealing with customers, presenting your solutions to management, and working in teams. You will be able to bring projects to a successful conclusion because you understand the perspectives and needs of the people involved.

Learn business and IT from scratch

Have you completed a commercial apprenticeship, but have no experience in programming? Or are you comfortable with technology, but not yet familiar with accounting? A bachelor’s degree in business IT may then just be the right thing for you.

Our students come from a wide range of different educational and vocational backgrounds. You do not need any prior knowledge of business or IT as we teach you what you need to know step by step during your studies. You will make quicker progress in areas you already know something about and can invest the time in subjects that are new to you.

«Programming is done by developers. It is our task to bring the worlds of business and IT together and mediate between them.»

Sandra Bodack, Graduate