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Why study Management

International Management is the art of realising what is happening, seeing where your company is headed, preparing for change and having the right teams in place.

4 Reasons

Steering business into the future

In today‘s business world, long-established business models and traditional markets are being outpaced by agile players who are rapidly taking the global stage. Your role as a manager is to lead the way in this dynamic environment, spearheading your company’s efforts to enter new markets and optimising internal processes.

Business all-rounders in great demand

Your degree will open the door to many exciting opportunities, from being a project manager or a consultant to becoming a member of senior management. You will find yourself highly sought after, with opportunities in small and medium-size enterprises, start-ups, multinational organisations, non-governmental and nonprofit organisations. You will have career prospects in a wide range of industries from manufacturing to services.

Learning to listen, evaluate and decide

Our team of lecturers comprises highly qualified academics and experienced professionals who apply their knowledge and practical experience to teach you how to identify and analyse the opportunities and risks in the ever-changing business world.

Building powerful teams

Your studies at the FHNW will equip you with the skills you need to successfully collaborate with, motivate and lead a team of your peers, to bring your ideas to life and to set things in motion.