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Opportunities for shorter and lengthier stays abroad during your studies

Collaboration between individuals from different countries is becoming increasingly important in our globalized world. We offer you various exchange options to prepare yourself for later working life.

Exchange semester

FHNW students benefit from the university’s international connections. The FHNW network as a whole includes more than 300 well-known partner universities in all five continents. All FHNW students can take one or two semesters abroad at one of our partner universities.

You can find out details of procedures, requirements and costs on your school intranet when you start your degree programme. The International Office at your school will help you plan your semester abroad.

Each school has its own partner network, and each provides information on its partner universities.

Swiss European Mobility Programm SEMP / Erasmus+

SEMP (transitional solution for Switzerland replacing Erasmus+) assists bachelor's and master's degree students who go abroad by providing financial support for studies and internships.
For further information on Erasmus+/SEMP, consult the International Office at your school or see

Internships abroad

Immerse yourself in the everyday working life of a foreign country and get to know a whole different business culture. FHNW schools offer internships once you have enrolled on the relevant degree course.

Summer / Winter Schools

Are you unable or unwilling to spend an entire semester abroad? The Summer and Winter Schools offered by our partner universities give you the opportunity of a short, compact stay abroad including an intensive programme of study and an introduction to the culture and language of the country concerned. You will find details on the intranet when you begin your studies.

International study projects

The International Student Projects at the School of Business are interdisciplinary in nature and open to all FHNW students. The three-week programme offers a compact and intense insight into the economy and culture of the country concerned. Certain degree courses also offer their own study trips.

The Project Oriented Learning Environment POLE is a learning platform run by the School of Engineering for students at international universities that aims to network with other occupational areas through practical projects and collaborate beyond cultural and linguistic boundaries.


FHNW Standing Committee on International Affairs

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