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Bioanalytics and Cell Biology

Understand life processes on a minute level and get to grips with lab analytics and diagnostics, biopharmacy and biomonitoring.

This course teaches students the fundamental principles and analytical methods of biosciences. Having gained this grounding, students learn how to carry out, optimise and develop test procedures for investigating synthetic and biological molecules. This major focuses on methodology and so a lot of time is dedicated to practical application in the form of lab work.

I’d like to work in a lab and plan and carry out my own projects with other lab assistants.

Chantal Meyer, student

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Bioanalysts spend their time developing, validating and applying molecular and cellular test methods for in vitro and lab diagnostics, biopharmacy and biomonitoring. Specialisms include micro- and molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology and molecular pharmacology and toxicology.


The Bioanalytics and Cell Biology course is geared towards people with an interest biosciences who can offer analytical skills and who like practical work.

School of Life Sciences FHNW

School of Life Sciences FHNW Gründenstrasse 40 CH-4132 Muttenz
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