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Prepare yourself for a career in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry.

Students receive an education in chemistry priming them for a research or development position in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Modules focus on polymers and inorganic materials including their characterization by spectroscopic and imaging techniques and the tailoring of their surfaces for bioanalytic and biomedical applications. Two further modules emphasize on analytical techniques including advanced mass-spectroscopy, NMR spectroscopy and protein analytics. Students are also taught in synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry and the chemistry on energy systems and storage. In all courses the importance of sustainability and safety in chemical production processes is addressed.

Students finish their studies with an eight months long Master’s thesis. The thesis is commonly carried out in cooperation with a company. Alumni of the Master’s studies have a sound theoretical and practical training enabling to assume responsibility in research and development or production in the chemical industry.

The course offers lots of opportunities to meet new people and gain a foothold in the industry.

Timon Bussinger, Master's graduate



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Graduates with an excellent Bachelor's degree are admitted directly if they:

  • hold a Bachelor's degree in a related technical field from a university of applied sciences with a mark of A, B or ≥ 5 or an equivalent mark (≥ good)
  • or demonstrate an equivalent background (BSc) and practical experience
  • and have excellent English skills.

Prospective students who meet most but not all of the entry requirements are invited to interview.

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