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Creating new musical content in and off the Moment

At the core of this programme is free improvisation: the process of creating coherent musical content in and of the moment. The goal of the programme is to develop an individual, flexible musical language and to learn to act in different musical environments, alone and in groups, in a manner that is communicative, independent, responsible, respectful and compositionally aware.

Tuition and independent study take place in both one-on-one and group settings. Regular opportunities to perform in front of an audience enable students to acquire valuable stage experience. Concert and performance projects are developed in cooperation with students from other disciplines such as Improvisation, Composition, and Audio Design to be realized as part of national and international festivals.

Developing a distinct musical profile

Working with students specialising in other fields like contemporary music, jazz, composition and performance helps to shape and enhance the musical practice and artistic identity of Improvisation majors. The programme also offers a wide choice of electives. Depending on their own interests, students are able acquire the breadth of craftsmanship necessary to engage artistically with free improvisation at the interfaces to other media (e.g. dance, theatre and film).


Admission process

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