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Improvisation / open creative processes

Lab for creative performance and sound research

The primary focus of the degree programme is on developing an individual artistic language within the spectrum of current music creation by using the means of improvisation. It comprises the exploration and definition of one’s own "instrument" or "tool" in the broadest sense, including the process-like creation of binding musical orders ad hoc, the development and mediation of own compositional concepts, and the work on individual stage presence. Students learn to act communicatively, independently, and responsibly in various musical, performative, and installation environments – alone and in a group.

Instruction and self-study take place both individually and in the group. Regular public performances allow students to gain stage experience. In addition, projects in various formats are co-developed with other sonic space basel study courses including performance in contemporary music, composition, and audio design and are performed at national and international festivals. According to their personal interests, students also explore artistic work at interfaces to other media (e.g. dance, theatre, film, literature, installation).

The wide range of electives supports the modular orientation of the degree programme and offers the possibility of further individualizing the curriculum.


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