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Preparing for a career as a professional artist with help from renowned teaching staff

At the core of this internationally aligned, two-year Master’s programme is a practice-oriented engagement with interpretative and instrumental/vocal issues. The knowledge and abilities possessed by the students at the beginning of their studies will be consolidated with a view to a subsequent concert career. This expertise will then be expanded upon so that they reach the standard necessary for a professional qualification and for professional performance.

With respect to quality and with regard to the time to be invested in preparation and follow-up work, this Master’s programme gives the greatest weighting to the major subject.
Students will also receive extensive practical training in chamber music and ensemble playing and these are complemented by a focus on issues of interpretation and a reflective learning process (theory/analysis).

In addition to the broad range of elective subjects, students may choose to specialise in a particular subject by enrolling for elective minors.

The city of Basel and the campus in particular offer the ideal environment in which to learn, work and find inspiration.

Rafael Rosenfeld, lecturer


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