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Lifestyle change through sustainable and personalized interventions

Development and measurement of effectiveness of personalized interventions for a sustainable behavior change towards a healthy lifestyle.

The central cause of many chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome is a lifestyle with too little exercise and poor nutrition.
There are a number of intervention programs that support people in their transition to a healthy lifestyle. However, people often fall back into old patterns after some time. The challenge for the prevention and cure of these chronic diseases is a sustainable change in lifestyle.
Interventions have so far been largely standardized and take too little account of individuals' motivational and psychological factors. Therefore, this project aims to develop personalized interventions that are adapted to people’s needs and lifestyles.

These interventions will be developed, implemented and tested for their effectiveness in collaboration with the industry partners.
For practice, a toolbox will be developed that supports companies in the implementation of personalized interventions.

Project Dates

Lead and Team
Prof. Dr. Dorothea Schaffner (Co-Lead), Dr. Julia Klammer, Vanessa Feck
Funding Innosuisse
Collaboration Lucullinary AG (; Dr. Isabelle Rottmann
Hochschule Luzern; Dr. Adrienne Schäfer (Project Lead) | Project page HSLU
Duration December 2018 - November 2020