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Commissioning student projects

Student projects allow companies and organisations to deal with complex problems, without substantial financial expense. They are supervised by lecturers and research assistants at the FHNW School of Engineering – both technically and methodologically.

Your advantages in working with us

  • As a customer, you receive solutions based on the latest knowledge and often displaying surprising creativity, at low cost and low risk.
  • You meet potential employees early on. Students are frequently hired by customers after completing their degrees.
  • You establish direct contact with specialists at the FHNW School of Engineering and its wide network of experts.

Submitting your project

Enter your idea for a project in the submitting form and we will contact you.

Useful content and successful staff recruitment

Project work has delivered important results that have been implemented directly in practice. In addition to useful content, this work is also ideal for successful staff recruitment. Both sides meet within a limited framework, which creates a high level of clarity regarding offers and expectations in the event of subsequent hiring. Last but not least, cooperation with the FHNW always leads to a new, fresh way of thinking, which helps you to open up your own perspective.

Lorenz Rüedi, Post CH AG, PostLogistics


Markus Krack Head of Technology Transfer FITT
Telephone : +41 56 202 78 79 (direct)
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