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Fate of micro-pollutants in wastewater treatment plants

The state of Swiss waters has continued to improve with regard to anthropogenic pollution due to the high standard of urban drainage. However, the introduction of micro-pollutants into sewage and wastewater treatment plants (ARA) into surface waters is a major challenge as they are often inadequately removed by conventional wastewater treatment. The term micropollutants combines a variety of mostly organic chemical compounds that have a proven or potentially harmful effect on aquatic ecosystems or are undesirable in drinking water. In order to eliminate such residues, selected ARAs will be expanded over the next few years.
With a novel combination of activated carbon and ozonation and targeted adaptation to the elimination of micropollutants, the burden in the ARA process should be minimized. The behavior of different environmental chemicals within the ARA is monitored and quantified by means of environmental analytical methods.

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